End of Rugby game

What’s your end game?

We’re not talking about rugby!

People go into business for many reasons, perhaps they have a strong passion for what they are doing, or are sick of working for “The Man”.

When you set up your business did you create a business plan?  An important part of business planning is working out what your end game is, how do you exit the business when you are ready to. This may range from selling the business to closing it down, and many variations in between.

Thinking about your end game enables you to ensure you structure your business appropriately to lock in the value that you have created and achieve whatever goals you set for when you decide to leave the business. It is never too late to start this process.

If setting your end game feels like a tricky one to work out, you’re not alone. If you need help with creating your end game, or any other part of your business planning Biz Assist is here to help you!

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