The Challenges of being in business.

The challenges of being in business

Recently I was involved in some Business Mentors New Zealand training with about 30 other mentors.

It was great to meet others that were part of this organisation and to share experiences.

There were widely varying stories of how some businesses were struggling post Covid 19 and how others were going absolutely gang busters.

The ones that were going really well were the ones that were able to adjust their business operations quickly and satisfy certain needs of customers that became apparent.

In the discussion there were a number of common points that, while people were extremely passionate about what it is that they do, many business owners struggled with in 2020. 

I list these below:

  • Insufficient working capital to achieve their aims
  • Business financial understanding
  • Business strategic planning
  • Resilience planning for if adverse events occur
  • Understanding technology and the opportunities it presents
  • Thinking outside of the square
  • Communication and people skills

If you are one of the business owners that have one or more of these struggles, then there are experts that can help you overcome them,  building your capability and confidence with them.

If you need reassurance, guidance, or some hands on assistance, go to someone with experience. Graeme from Biz Assist has years of experience in these matters so feel free to make contact with him if you need help. Reach out today. 

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