Positive Relationships

Throughout my career I have built many business relationships within the organisations I worked in, as well as outside of the organisation with suppliers and customers. 

This had always been while I was employed by someone else. I did not have to worry too much about building the business as that was not my role, but I did maintain the relationships. 

I was always professional and friendly as that is my nature.

Now that I am my own master and building my own business I have found that keeping those relationships going and talking to those people about their needs, experiences, or in some cases their clients needs pays dividends. Here’s why…

The Power Of Positive Business Relationships

 Building and maintaining positive relationships has been a significant source of revenue in my business. Plus, I get to work with people that I enjoy working with. 

Initially I was not confident to approach people that I knew. I overcame that. You should too. 

You do not have to be aggressive, just catch up for a coffee or some other form of beverage and you will be surprised about what can develop.

Building Positive Relationships

My advice to anyone commencing or building their business is this:

  • Do not be afraid to talk to people that you know first. They can offer advice or connections and in some cases, need to use your services and are relieved you have come along.
  • Join the local chamber of commerce and attend their networking events.
  • Join a networking organisation and build relationships through that.
  • Do not be afraid to offer some free advice initially. There will be payback for that in the future.
  • Feel confident to become involved in online discussions. This helps to build your profile.
  • Refer people to others in your network that may have the skills that they need.
  • Follow up at regular intervals as sometimes people have been really busy and need to be reminded of your offering.
  • Use your network to brainstorm ideas.
  • Be courageous.

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