Organisational Culture

What is meant by the culture of the organisation?

It is subtly different to what The Knobz sang about in their song from 1980.

In my experience, it is the feel of the organisation, the aura from the staff that work for it. 

Depending on the size of the organisation there may be subcultures within the same company. An organisation’s goal should be to have one culture as opposed to a number of subcultures which can promote unhealthy jealousy or negative rivalry.

So, how can you do that? Let’s explore what good company culture is and how you can achieve it.

Creating Organisational Culture

Many entities spend a lot of time developing their mission statements, their vision, and their values. These are just words until they are exemplified by the organisation’s leaders. The Board of Directors, the CEO, the senior leadership team, or in smaller organisations the owner/manager and the more senior employees. They all need to march to the beat of the same drum.

Building A Good Company Culture

Good culture does not generally just occur, although in some very lucky organisations it may. It needs to be thought about and nurtured. Confused culture occurs if the leaders of an organisation say we need to do something in a certain way, but they don’t do it that way themselves. If they do not follow the processes that they have put in place, and if they don’t do what they say they are going to do, then these things have a negative impact on culture. 

I have seen this first hand and know the unnecessary disruption it creates.

However, if the key stakeholders lead from the front… 

The Benefits Of A Good Organisational Culture

Culture, as well as great practises, grow out of mutual respect and feelings of being valued. Having a strong and healthy culture leads to improved productivity, staff retention, people who will go the extra mile, and a greater willingness to share ideas about possible business and improvement opportunities.

Organisational culture needs to be considered as part of an entity’s business planning process.

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